Father Dan O'Connell reflects on recognizing when God tells us things through signs in this episode of We've Got to Talk.


In this episode of We've Got to Talk, Father Dan O'Connell talks about discovering your identity and purpose in light of our friendship with God.


Father Dan O'Connell reflects on faith, hope and love in the longest running CatholicTV studio series. In this episode, he talks about observing God's law. It's not rocket science, only a matter of following Him!


When we make a conscious choice to follow Jesus, we are letting our amazement with God take us deeper and making our faith stronger. Father Dan O'Connell talks about it in this episode of CatholicTV's longest-running studio series.


Father Dan O'Connell hosts this original CatholicTV series, now in its third decade of production. In this episode, he reminds us of what we need to look upon if we want to live full lives.


In this episode of We've Got to Talk, Father Dan O'Connell challenges us to sustain ourselves on Jesus, the Bread of Life.


Father Dan O'Connell talks about faith in every day life. In this episode, he talks about how when we're faced with rejection, God gives us rejuvenation! 


For over 25 years, Father Dan O'Connell has hosted We've Got to Talk, CatholicTV's longest running studio series.

When we're stuck or lost and not sure what to do, there's a way! Father Dan talks about the only strategy for success we need.


Father Dan O'Connell shares some Christmas cheer with songs by Michael Mette and talks about the spirit of the holidays.


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We've Got To Talk

Father Dan O'Connell preaches about topics we face every day: How do I deal with the chaos in my life? Where is God in my work? At school? What's the point of all of this? What's my vice, and how do I work on it?

Father Dan's here to talk about all that and more, and he makes the conversation easier through his virtual set, his sense of humor and his charismatic personality.

We've Got To Talk is the longest running original CatholicTV studio series. It has won the Proclaim Award from the USCCB and a Telly award. You can follow Father Dan on Twitter: @FrDanOConnell


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