Matt Weber and Helen Lee discuss #solidarity and how it's time for people of faith to come together in an attitude of sharing.


Matt gets points if his jokes make us laugh. This one's about nuns...


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The Lens

Matthew Weber hosted The Lens, CatholicTV's original series looking at life from a Catholic millennial's perspective with games, social media, pop culture, and humor.

Weber, Steph Scogna and Charles Green add quirky, witty and down to earth pearls of wisdom.

This interactive, socially-engaging series, took a look at what's trending through a faith-based lens.

The series stopped airing in June 2018, but you can watch past episodes and segments here. Matt and his daughter won an Emmy for their talents (see below). 


Host bio

Matt Weber is the host of A Word With Weber, author of Fearing the Stigmata, and an accomplished digital strategiest in the employ of Harvard Graduate School of Education.