What’s on your “Bucket List”? Maybe it’s skydiving or traveling the world. What impact can our faith have on the thrills, dreams, and goals we’d like to achieve during our time on earth?

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Who is the teacher who has made the biggest impact on you…the teacher who’s helped you discover your talents or gifts…the teacher who has brought out the best in you or shown you something new in yourself? Maybe even the teacher who helped you learn about and grow in your Catholic faith.

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In this episode of RealFaith TV, the hosts discuss the freedom to speak. Just because we have this freedom, it doesn’t mean we can say whatever we want to.  Sometimes we use our freedom to speak to insult or hurt people and their ideas and beliefs. But other times, it can be used to build up people’s dignity and share about our God.

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This time on Realfaith TV, We are all called to follow Jesus’ example of love and respect for all persons regardless of age, status, ability, background, or intellect. How do we approach these situations and treat those with disabilities by recognizing their abilities?

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