Kevin Nelson hosts this CatholicTV original series produced monthly in the spirit of Pope Francis’ call to go out and encounter others in the light of the Gospel.

In November, Nelson encounters #MediaNun Sister Nancy Usselmann from the Daughters of St. Paul, women religious who live and communicate Christ within the media culture. The “Reformer Saint of the Month” is St. Charles Borromeo (feast day Nov. 4).


Kevin Nelson hosts Encounter

  • Guests: Gretchen Crowe, editor-in-chief of Our Sunday Visitor Newsweekly and Philip Andrews, director of violence prevention initiatives in the Archdiocese of Chicago
  • Question: What is the influence of grandparents?
  • Obscure Saint: Saint John Leonardi
  • Survey Says: Stats about Catholics in America

Kevin Nelson hosts another edition of Encounter, the original CatholicTV magazine series.

  • Guests: Father Tomaz Mavric, Superior General of the Vincentians and Jim Wahlberg, Executive Director of the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation
  • Question: What is your favorite prayer, and why?
  • Obscure Saint: Blessed Claudio Granzotto
  • Survey Says: People around the world see ISIS and climate change as the biggest threats to national security

In this episode of CatholicTV's orginal series Encounter, hosted by Kevin Nelson:

  • Guests: Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder and chief executive of Mary's Meals; Bishop David Zubik
  • Question: What are the biggest challenges facing Catholic youths?
  • Obscure Saint: Saint Peter Julian Eymard
  • Survey Says: Western Europe has become one of the world's most secular regions

In this episode of CatholicTV's orginal series Encounter, hosted by Kevin Nelson:

  • Guests: Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri; Obianuju Ekeocha, author of Target Africa
  • Question: How can you live your ordinary life in an extraordinary way?
  • Obscure Saint: Saints John Jones and John Wall
  • Survey Says: The Pew Research Center looks at what Americans think of God

In this episode of CatholicTV's orginal series Encounter, hosted by Kevin Nelson:

  • Guests: Erin Bethea, President and CEO of Argentum Entertainment; touring members of the Sistine Chapel Choir 
  • Question: How can Catholics focus more on the real presence of the Blessed Sacrament?
  • Obscure Saint: Saint Paulinus of Nola
  • Survey Says: The Pew Research Center looks at Americans' belief in a higher power

Kevin Nelson hosts the monthly CatholicTV magazine series Encounter.

  • Guest: Suzanne Haugh, director of Goodness Reigns
  • Question of the month: What does Mary mean to you?
  • Obscure Saint of the month: Saint Margaret of Cortona
  • Survey Says: The Pew Research Center looks at religion and marriage



The CatholicTV Together We Rebuild Saint Peter Damian emerged as a voice of truth and reform at a time when the Church was struggling with corruption and immorality. Called “the soul of the Gregorian reform” by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, his prolific writing and zealous call to popes, bishops and prelates to lead lives of purity, poverty and prayer were significant elements of Church reform in the 11th century.