Kevin Nelson hosts the monthly CatholicTV magazine series Encounter.

  • Guest: Jacques Kabore of Catholic Relief Services.
  • Question: How hard is it to find meaningful relationships in today's secular world?
  • Obscure Saint: Saint Conrad of Parzham.

Survey Says: The Pew Research Center looks at opinions of Pope Francis after five years of his pontificate.


Kevin Nelson hosts Encounter, the original CatholicTV magazine series, March 2018 episode.

  • Guest: Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor-at-large of the National Review
  • Question: How can we get young Catholics more energized about their faith?
  • Obscure Saint: Saint Salvator of Horta
  • Survey Says: The Pew Research Center looks at American meditation practices

Kevin Nelson hosts thei origianl CatholicTV series produced monthly answering Pope Francis' call to encounter others in the light of the gospel.

  • Guests: Archbishop Roberto González Nieves of San Juan; Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C.
  • Question of the Month: How can we be present to others in our lives and faith communities?
  • Obscure Saint of the Month: Saint Angela of Foligno.
  • Survey Says: Americans are split on whether businesses should be required to provide wedding services to same-sex couples.

This month on Encounter with Kevin Nelson:

  • Guests: Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck, authors of I'll Push You
  • Question: What are your Advent traditions?
  • Obscure Saint: Blessed Adolph Kolping
  • Survey Says: More Americans are describing themselves as "spiritual but not religious"



Kevin Nelson hosts Encounter

  • Guests: Ron Hall, co-writer of "Same Kind of Different As Me" and Bishop Robert Muhiirwa of Uganda
  • Question: How can the Church and Catholics in the pew do more to encourage vocations?
  • Obscure Saint: Saint Didacus
  • Survey Says: Majority of U.S. adults say it is not necessary to believe in God to be moral

Kevin Nelson hosts Encounter

  • Guest: Dr. Sarah Bascle of the Catholic Medical Center's Women's Wellness and Fertility Center
  • Question: What are the most pressing ethical questions in medicine and science today?
  • Obscure Saint: Saint Bruno
  • Survey Says: U.S. Protestants are not united about controversies central to the schism between Protestantism and Catholicism

Kevin Nelson hosts another edition of Encounter, the orgiinal CatholicTV magazine series.

  • Guests: Father Tomaz Mavric, Superior General of the Vincentians and Jim Wahlberg, Executive Director of the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation
  • Question: What is your favorite prayer, and why?
  • Obscure Saint: Blessed Claudio Granzotto
  • Survey Says: People around the world see ISIS and climate change as the biggest threats to national security

Kevin Nelson hosts The CatholicTV Network's original magazine-style monthly series Encounter.

  • Guests: Father Josh Johnson and Andy Otto, author of God Moments: Unexpected Encounters in the Ordinary
  • Question of the month: Should churches be allowed to oppose or support political candidates?
  • Obscure saint of the month: Saint Leopold Mandic
  • Survey Says: An analysis of Muslims and Islam in the United States and the world

In this episode of CatholicTV's orginal series Encounter, hosted by Kevin Nelson, featuring the art of Marko Rupnik:

  • Guest: Father Julián Carrón, author of Disarming Beauty: Essays on Faith, Truth, and Freedom.
  • Question: How important is a father's role in the faith life of his child?
  • Obscure Saint: Saint John Francis Regis
  • Survey Says: An analysis of the religious makeup of Central and Eastern Europe

Kevin Nelson hosts this CatholicTV original series in the spirit of Pope Francis's call to go out and encounter others in the light of the Gospel. This month's segments:

  • Mary's Shelter for pregnant women
  • Guest: Sr. Bethany Madonna from the Sisters of Life
  • Question: What are your thoughts on a women diaconate?
  • Obscure Saint: Saint Paschal Baylon. Survey Says: An analysis of Puerto Rico

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Join host Kevin Nelson in this CatholicTV original series in the spirit of Pope Francis's call to go out and encounter others in the light of the Gospel. Encounter airs monthly and features the "Encounter Question of the Month," "Obscure Saint of the Month," news about issues and trends that are important to Catholics and Christians, and reports from Catholic News Service and Rome Reports.


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Born and raised in the West Roxbury section of Boston, Kevin Nelson has not strayed too far from his roots. He has been with the CatholicTV Network since January of 1996 and has been involved in many different aspects of the television process. Read more.