Spirit-Filled Evangelizers Equipped for Excellence, Day 4 Plenary Session, from the Convocation of Catholic Leaders, July 4, 2017.



Archbishop William Lori leads a Eucharistic procession and benediction at the USCBB's Concovation for Catholic Leaders.

This reminds us of our work in and witness to the world, to be “a Church that goes forth” to the peripheries of culture and society, always rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ.



Encountering Jesus, Healer of Wounds and Source of Mercy

  • Principal Celebrant Seán Cardinal O'Malley
  • Introduction by Bishop Daniel Flores

Plenary Session | Going to the Peripheries

  • Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, Knights of Columbus
  • Archbishop of Los Angeles Jose Gomez

Pleneray Session: Radical Call to Missionary Discipleship 

  • Opening Remarks: Archbishop Leonard Blair
  • Sr. Constance Veit gives witness
  • Keynote Speaker: Donald Cardinal Wuerl
  • Panelists: Bishop Frank Caggiano, Fr. Rafael Capo, Sr. Miriam James Heldland, Curtis Martin, and Sherry Weddell

What is the landscape and mission field in which Catholic leaders in the United States live and are called to work? In this plenary gathering, the landscape of the Catholic Church in the United States and US culture is explored. It utilizes findings from sociologists and researchers on culture and Catholic life in the United States today, in a spirit of “evangelical discernment”

Keynote Speaker Hosffman Ospino

Panelists: Helen Avare, Fr. Thomas Gaunt, Fr. Augustino Torres, Kerry Weber


From Orlando, Marian Devotion from day one of the USCCB Convocation of Catholic Leaders

Led by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of San Antonio and Bishop Martin Holley of Memphis

Music from Tony Melendez, John Andotti, and VaLimar Jansen

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The Convocation of Catholic Leaders — The Joy of the Gospel in America, held July 1 through July 4 in Orlando.

"This is a convocation that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has been planning for several years around the theme of Evangelii Gaudium, the Holy Father’s Apostolic Exhortation on the Joy of the Gospel.

"As the USCCB described it: 'Over 5 years ago, the full body of bishops in the United States called for a "National Convocation" that would "convene, challenge, and motivate Catholic leaders to embrace the full vision of what it means to be Catholic and fully engaged in the Church’s mission of evangelization and to proclaim the Church’s vision of the human person.’”

"This convocation was the fulfillment of that call and brought together about 3,500 Catholic leaders, including about 150 bishops, from around the country."

-Cardinal Seán O'Malley, Archbishop of Boston