Going Your Way Chris Hickey and Father Paul Rouse
Going Your Way

In a response to the clergy-abuse crisis, The CatholicTV Network began producing a series called Going My Way in 2005. The series is hosted by Father Chris Hickey and Father Paul Rouse. Read about how they have been bringing the good works of priests (religious and laity) into viewers' homes since the first show aired in 2006. In every issue of The CatholicTV Monthly, read stories about the faith, notes from Bishop Robert Reed and Jay Fadden, programming highlights and much more. Get the print version mailed to you or read it online; either way, it's free.

No Days Off Richard Brown Kevin Nelson
No Days Off

As the summer months move along, vacation time is abound. Not at The CatholicTV Network, where #NoDaysOff has nothing to do with New England Patriots football. Read this month's cover story; programming highlights; notes from Bp. Reed and Jay Fadden; and more. Subscribe for your own printed version for free.

Atlanta Eucharistic Congress
Gathering Together in the Real Presence

The Catholic Church universal celebrates Corpus Christi, the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, Sunday, June 23. At this time of year, eucharistic gatherings take place around the world. The CatholicTV Network has partnered with the Archdiocese of Atlanta to broadcast their Eucharistic Congress again this year. Stay tuned to CatholicTV for all the details for our coverage June 21 & 22. In the meantime, learn more about the eucharist in this month's magazine. Each month, read features on priests that celebrate our Masses, other programming highlights, notes from the bishop, Jay Fadden, and more!

CatholicTV Magazine Catholics in the Crescent City
Catholics in the Crescent City

For over 300 years, the Catholic Church in New Orleans (NOLA) has been a fabric of the people that have lived there. Thanks to WLAE, the past 30 years, the Catholic Church in New Orleans has had presence on broadcast and cable TV to reach the people in NOLA and far beyond. Read about NOLA, WLAE and CatholicTV in this month's cover story. Tune in the special documentaries about 300 years of NOLA and CatholicTV programming from the Crescent City. Check out the new 24/7 programming schedule and a list of all the special events airing in May. Each month enjoy notes from Bishop Reed, Jay Fadden and more!