one pregnant woman's fight for life and that of her unborn child
Pray For Us | Protectress of the Unborn

Happy New Year! The January CatholicTV magazine tells the story of one pregnant woman's fight for life and that of her unborn child. Tune in March for Life and Masses for Life this month. Read about other programming highlights for CatholicTV's new Winter schedule. Notes from Bishop Reed and Jay Fadden. Catholic Schools Week. This is the Day schedule and Encounter preview. Read online now, or subscribe for free.

Prayer | The Reason for Every Season
Prayer | The Reason for Every Season

The CatholicTV Network was built upon prayer. The Mass is the most prayed and of course most watched, live and on demand via this website or OTT. Between financial support for the Mass and all the prayers from the parishioners of the airwaves, the network has sustained for the better part of seven decades. As the seasons of Advent and Christmas are upon us, read about all the prayer programming CatholicTV offers on television and online. Happy Advent and Merry Christmas!

Daughters of Saint Paul Praying Momento Mori Rosary
Contemplating Mortality

November is a month of remembrance. As Catholics remember those that have gone before us, we also must never forget our own mortality. Memento Mori translates to remember death. Pray with CatholicTV for your loved ones all month and when a new Rosary premieres with the Daughters of Saint Paul on All Souls Day. Every issue of the CatholicTV guide includes programming highlights; notes from Bishop Reed and Jay Fadden; advice and thoughs on the Catholic faith and much more. 

The Women of CatholicTV
The Women of CatholicTV

Over the years, the likes of Sr. Marian Batho, Dr. Georgianna McCormack, and Nicole Pascarelli have hosted shows for CatholicTV. But they have come and gone. When The Gist started nine years ago, Danielle Bean, Carolee McGrath and Rachel Balducci were among the few CatholicTV women hosts. A funny thing has happened along the way. The Gisters are not alone as women hosting shows. Learn more about the hosts and all The CatholicTV Network programming premiering this fall in this month's magazine. Respect Life Month; new cardinals; notes from Bishop Reed and Jay Fadden; plus much more!