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World Youth Day approaches, and with it a certain outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our young Catholics. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from around the world are already arriving in Rio, eager to be envigorated in their faith by our truly paternal spiritual leader, Pope Francis.

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We've been featuring some of Bishop Chris Coyne's new Blinks, "Everything You Wanted to Know About the Liturgy (but were afraid to ask)", but we decided to premiere this one on our blog!

We all slip in late to Mass occasionally, and sometimes we even feel the itch to leave early (like right after Communion). So let's hear what Bishop Coyne has to say about arriving late and leaving early to Mass.

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It's so important that, as Catholics, we remain engaged in the public square and do our part to promote the Gospel outside of our parishes and families. This doesn't mean forcing our beliefs on others; it means letting our gospel-informed voices be heard and it means promoting the principles of human dignity that the gospels teach us.

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The Archdiocese of Boston is in the midst of an exciting and innovative pastoral plan to strengthen the local Church and repropose the gospel. The plan ("Disciples in Mission") "seeks to revitalize the Church in Boston by positioning our parishes more solidly for the task of evangelization, the work of reaching out to our brothers and sisters and drawing them more fully to Christ Jesus." (from the Disciples in Mission proposal).

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Well, almost. May will be over before you know it, and then our Summer Season will begin!

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Our original magazine show, ClearVoice™, celebrates 100 episodes on 5/3!

Tune in at 11am as hosts Christine Caswell and John Monahan look back on the awesome highlights from the past 100 episodes. John and Christine reflect here on what working on ClearVoice has meant to them:

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From Slate:

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Father O'Regan and his sister
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It's so wonderful to be able to see the seminarians from St John's Seminary in Brighton at the station here at CatholicTV. Whether it's to attend Father Reed's class on communication and evangelization in the conference room, or to accompany a priest for Daily Mass, they are welcome visitors!

Today Father Ed Riley celebrated Mass for us, and was joined by Deacon Chris Wallace who will, by the grace of God, be ordained this May. Deacon Chris is a member of Our Lady of Good Counsel parish in Quincy.

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There is not much I can add to the wonderful night that just took place at St. Peter's. 

It was truly an extraordinary experience that was so presented so well by the CatholicTV Network.  The entire staff did an excellent job in bringing these events into your home.  It was truly a team effort.