You Always Come Home

James, Ethan, and Amelia Fadden. text: by Jay Fadden

I have made many mistakes and learned many lessons over the years as a parent. It became clear early that when my child felt sad or was hurt, I would feel that pain as well. There have been days when I would wait to talk to one of my children to just gauge how they were doing. I would begin to ask them how their day had gone, was everyone nice to them, did anyone pick on them? I wanted to know how they were doing.

But I soon realized that they were out of our house much of the day in a world that can be judgmental, unfair, and cruel. It was impossible to isolate them and protect them all the time from nasty comments or not having them included. As they got older, it seemed that the sweetness and innocence of early school years was replaced in middle school and high school with fitting in and social standing, and not all kids fit easily into those categories.

When I finally accepted that I could not always be there for my children, I struggled with trying to figure out how I could help them navigate some difficult days. To be clear, I am not talking about any situations that all children face. My kids were hearing things and being subjected to an environment just like any other kid their age. While that is part of growing up, it still is not easy to watch as a parent. So I thought and I reflected, and one day, an idea came upon me as I watched my children playing together. I brought Amelia, James, and Ethan together and sat them down. I stood in front of them and said, “I know that some days are tough and people are not always nice, but during tough moments, I want you to always remember this: No matter how tough the day, you always come home, and mom and I love you.” It became a theme: You always come home.

Life can be tough. There are days that can seem difficult and suffocating to a child or young adult. But just imagine what a relief it is to know that this will pass and that you will soon be in your loving home. That is why a home should be a refuge and filled with love and understanding. For those of a deep faith, they yearn to also be home.

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You Always Come Home