Is not Wisdom found among the aged? | Wisdom Wednesday

So with old age is wisdom,

and with length of days understanding.

-Job 12:12

Recently, Pope Francis tweeted: "Sometimes we cast the elderly aside, but they are a precious treasure: to cast them aside is an injustice and an irreparable loss". 

The elderly shouldn't be cast aside first and foremost because they are human beings. We are called to care for all human beings, particularly the most vulnerable.

But the elderly are also our greatest sources of wisdom and understanding! They are particularly precious to us because the Holy Spirit has poured out the gifts of understanding on them. They bless us with the Spirit's presence through these gifts, and they inspire us to persevere in faith and love so that we too can be prepared to receive these gifts of the Holy Spirit. They show us that the Spirit's gifts are not finite! The Spirit has an infinite amount of understanding and wisdom to give to us. 

Don't love and care for the elderly in your life simply because you are obligated to. Bask in them! Honor them! Their presence is your privilege.


Is not Wisdom found among the aged? | Wisdom Wednesday