Use Your Voice to Change the World

A child holds a sign reading "Love not hate." text: by Jay Fadden

I am disheartened at the vitriol that so many are displaying in today’s world. The political climate on both sides has descended into utter hate and contempt. It has become impossible to have dialogue without the other side quickly disparaging the other person, their position, or their party. It is a no-win situation, and we are all the losers. Many have been lured into the morass of negativity. It has become neighbor against neighbor in a constant battle. It seems that it is no longer about the topic, but instead, it is about who can make the most outrageous or hurtful comment. We are losing focus while we are trying to right injustice. As a society, we are attacking each other and weakening our argument.

There are great injustices in the world that need to be discussed and resolved to a positive outcome, but not through mutual hate and divisive speeches. Change comes through dialogue and peaceful protest. We need to talk, and more importantly, listen. A great lesson I have learned in my 55 years is that I do not always have the luxury of knowing all the facts, and thus, my opinion may need reconsideration. Most issues have nuances, so they do not have an either/or solution, but need compromise. The loudest voice is not always right—it is just the loudest.

Real change takes momentum and comes with great conflict, sacrifice, and resolve. In the end, we may not agree. But we need to continue to move forward and try to effect change peacefully. I have four sisters who I love dearly, and yet we have on occasion disagreed. That does not mean that I love them less or that I will change my stance on an issue, but it does meant that I listen to them and try to understand their views. I may never capitulate to their thoughts or agree with them, but I will also not disparage who they are as a citizen of this world.

It comes down to this. You have a voice, so you should use it in a positive way. If there is injustice, you should raise your voice and state your stance. Become actively involved using your talents, gifts, and treasure. Your resources should not be used to spew hateful talk or to hurt someone. Others are doing that, and it is not working. A single person can effect change and build constituents through the power of an idea that turns into action. Do not become a symbol of hate or give in to the urge to exact change through violence. That type of resistance is wrong and not helpful. It detracts from the issues and gives your opposition the opportunity to change the topic and deflect. Be a person of positive change.

We should make today the day that we begin to reshape the world through dialogue and, if necessary, peaceful protest. Become a beacon of hope in a world that is increasingly becoming dark and clouded by hate. If everyone is talking, then no one is listening.

After reading this article, someone asked me a very difficult and relevant question: “If there is great evil and nothing seems to be working, how can we change it?” That is the main question and is complex. I am going to reflect on it as I prepare next week’s blog.


Use Your Voice to Change the World