The Mystery of the Baby Bottle

A blue baby bottle filled with spare change. Text: by Jay Fadden

It was a total surprise. My dad had passed away and my sisters and I were cleaning out the house when we came upon it. We had found many things that brought back wonderful memories and even a coin collection that we had no idea that my dad collected over the many years, but this item was the surprise. Tucked away in the cabinet that held the dishes was a baby bottle. It was filled with dollar bills and coins to the very top. This was clearly something my mother had done, so it was at least a year old. It was baby blue with images on the entire bottle.

Since I was the executor of the estate, I put it in my car and took it to my home to figure out what to do with it. I knew it was something for charity, but I was not sure which one.

I did the same thing my parents did and put it in a cabinet with the dishes. I did not do this on purpose—it just happened. We divided all the belongings and all my parents’ possessions were given away, but that blue bottle sat in the cabinet.

One morning as I attended the 7:30am Mass, the pastor started announcements. Towards the end, he pulled out a baby blue bottle and said there was a basket full of them in the back of the church. He asked if we could help young pregnant woman by taking home a bottle and filling it with spare change. When the bottle was filled, we would return it to the church.

When I got home, I called my sisters with the news. They were thrilled. It was another connection with my parents and carrying on their legacy.

The next Sunday, I brought that bottle into the church and gave it to the pastor. After 2 years, a mission was completed and the bottle was delivered. After I had given the bottle to the pastor, I sat in the pew with a smile on my face, knowing that my mom and dad would have been happy and that we did something that meant a lot to her.


The Mystery of the Baby Bottle