The Light in the Storm

by Jay Fadden

Two people walk down a snow-covered street during a snowstorm

I have always said that I consider spring to begin on March 1st. I do not wait until the 21st of the month. When the first day of March is here, so is the spring, as far as I am concerned.

In March, the weather starts to change. The days become longer and the temperature rises. The grass starts to get green and all is right with the world. If we do get snow, it usually does not last long. I have stated my stance on spring starting March 1st on television, the internet, and in writing. To all who live in New England, the Midwest, and the East Coast, I apologize! I am a jinx.

We have now had three major snowstorms in the past two weeks. These storms have battered the coast, left copious amounts of snow, and toppled trees. Homes have been damaged and people displaced. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost power for days on end and some for even over a week. I have lost power twice. Once, we lost power for four days, and on the second storm, we lost power for a day. It has been a difficult two weeks.

Just yesterday, the town I live in received over 26 inches of snow. Again I, the jinx, apologize. It has been a rollercoaster these past few weeks.

I am amazed at the work of the power company employees who have had no rest and continue to work long days and nights to restore power. The strength and positive attitude exhibited by so many families that are struggling to keep warm during these storms is inspiring. People seem to be rolling with the punches.

As the snow fell yesterday, I had to snow blow my driveway twice. Each time, Ethan put on his snow outfit and joined me to play in the snow. I would glance over to the side yard as he would disappear under the snow and then pop up, exploding into the air like a fish jumping out of the water. For Ethan and James, the storms mean a day off. For most of us, the storms mean we will all face challenges, whether getting to appointments or work or losing power.

But with all of the storms, something magical always seems to happen. You see the best of people. You see communities pulling together to help each other. People take down the emotional walls they have built and step outside their comfort zone to talk to distant neighbors and people they do not know. There is a spirit of giving, sharing, and helping. It is the realization that we are all in this together, and people decide to help one another. It is a spirit that sometimes is only seen in challenging moments like storms or tragedies or in joyful moments. There are neighbors helping neighbors and strangers becoming friends. It is through this adversity that we put aside our fear of opening up to another person and become present to others. In the difficulty of the storm, there is light, and that light is us.

Spring starts on March 21st, and I am excited for that day to arrive. But until it does, I feel privileged to witness the beauty that humanity has the potential of achieving but does not always realize. Stay warm, and be the light for others!


The Light in the Storm