Tuesdays with Tajci | Media Monday

Tacji Cameron and husband Matthew Cameron on CTV's This is the Day.Here at the CatholicTV Network we know a lot about video. About 40% of our on-air programming is produced right here in our Watertown, Massachusetts based studios. Our intent is for the programs to be seen on TV, but today’s viewers are using handheld devices to watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. We do our best to meet those trends, and we're always paying attention to what our friends in the business are doing.

Tuesday’s with Tajci is a perfect fit for mobile viewers. Tuesdays with Tajci is a webisode series/vlog with host Tatiana “Tajci” Cameron. You may be familiar with Tajci’s music: her videos for the Lenten and Advent seasons have aired on CatholicTV for a few years now, and they are simply beautiful. The new media initiative of Tuesday’s with Tajci continues to demonstrate the commitment to quality and versatility. It’s a different mode than a music video, but Tajci's experience as an inspirational speaker translates well. The format of conversation, reflection and call-to-action allows the viewer to consider the message and determine whether or not to let it come alive.

Each of the five webisodes is about 10 minutes in duration, which can seem long for one person on camera, but this isn’t the case with Tuesday’s with Tajci. The shots are varied and add a nice texture to the reflections and music. As a host, Tajci is quite engaging and her sincerity and real-life approach draw the viewer into the message. Do yourself a favor and binge-watch “Tuesday’s with Tajci on www.Tajci.net and then check into the website for the weekly updates.





Tuesdays with Tajci | Media Monday