Prayer for Life

Lord Jesus,
We ask you to bless and protect all those whose lives are at risk,
Especially the most vulnerable.

We pray for vulnerable children in their mothers’ wombs,
For unborn children whose families lack the resources to care for them,
For unborn children whose lives are considered unworthy because of illness,
For unborn children whose parents are not ready,
For unborn children whose parents face danger by choosing life,
For unborn children who were conceived in trauma,
For unborn children who are considered less than human, yet are fully God’s children.

We pray for mothers who risk everything to give life to their children,
For mothers who choose life without the support of their communities,
For mothers who are abandoned by the fathers of their children,
For mothers battling fear, pain, and hopelessness,
For mothers asking themselves today, “Should I keep my baby?”

We pray for the elderly, whose lives always are valuable through their natural end,
For those who suffer, and whose suffering is united to Jesus’,
We pray for those who are in prison and called to repentance,
For those with disabilities, whose lives are a gift,
For those who suffer oppression or face danger due to injustice.

Lord Jesus,
We pray for all your children,
That we may see Jesus in them
And love them as our brothers and sisters.
We ask you to change the hearts of anyone who upholds the culture of death
And to have mercy on all sinners.

Jesus, you are our hope and salvation.
Make us instruments of your peace and love,
That your Light may shine through us to create a culture of life.



Prayer for Life