Pray with... St Joseph

St Joseph PrayerSt Joseph is a very special, and often overlooked Saint. Adopted father of Jesus and husband to Mary, Joseph was the protector of the Holy Family. Joseph showed mercy to Mary when he didn't understand how she came to be with child. He ensured that Jesus had a safe place to be born, and that Mary and Jesus had a safe place to live their lives. He contributed to who Jesus was, just like all parents contribute to who their children are. He, along with Mary, was Jesus' first teacher in learning how to connect with others.

St Joseph, appropriately, is the patron of the Universal Church. Just like he protected and cared for Mary, he cares for and protects the Church universal, praying for us without ceasing. We think he has a special appreciation for any endeavor that nourishes the people of God and brings us together as a Church. 

In everything we do, we hope to serve Jesus by serving the Church. We hope CatholicTV can build the Church by bringing the Gospel to more people, renew the Church by bringing prayer and scripture back to people who've fallen away from them, and sustain the Church by being a source of hope and joy to Christian faithful. 

Will you pray with us and St Joseph that we can help build, renew and sustain the Church with hour media ministry?

St Joseph, you were a faithful servant to the Lord,
quietly answering God's call
to protect the Holy Family:
the birthplace of the Church.
We know you take great delight
in every effort we make 
to be a stronger Church, more faithful to Jesus.
Pray for CatholicTV, that we might 
receive the graces we need
to contribute to the renewal of the Church.

In addition to your prayers, we appreciate any financial support you can give. 

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(Originally published 3/11/2015)


Pray with... St Joseph