Pray with... St Gabriel the Archangel

St Gabriel Prayer"Angel" means messenger, but the Archangel Gabriel seems to be God's special messenger, particularly of messages concerning Christ. In the Gospel of Luke, Gabriel announces the conception of John the Baptist to his father, Zacharias. Gabriel also announces to Mary God's wish for her to be the bearer of His son. In the Old Testament, Gabriel interprets Daniel's dreams and foretells the coming of the Christ.

Gabriel announces God's truths to to the people who need to hear them, and so is a special patron for us as we endeavor to clearly and authentically announce God's truths. Gabriel is the patron of telecommunications, radio broadcasting, messenger and poastal works, among other things. 

Our mission is to faithfully bear God's messages of love, hope, peace and salvation and to point toward the person of Jesus Christ (which Saint Gabriel always does). Will you pray with us through Gabriel's intercession that CatholicTV would continue to be a faithful messenger of God's Word? 

St Gabriel the Archangel,
you are God's faithful messenger, 
announcing Jesus to those who would receive him.
You teach us important truths about who God is.
We ask you to intercede for us, 
that God would annoint our mission
so that we might also be faithful messengers of Jesus.

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(Originally published 3/10/2015)


Pray with... St Gabriel the Archangel