Pray with... St John Paul II

Pope John Paul II Prayer

No believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can avoid this supreme duty: to proclaim Christ to all peoples.
-Pope Saint John Paul II


Pope Saint John Paul II is a very special pope for this generation. Patron of World Youth Day, he is particularly beloved by younger people, many of whom credit him with their conversions or reversions to the Catholic faith. Pope John Paul II's charisma, faithful witness to Jesus Christ, and steadfast commitment to the Gospel were very attracting to non-Catholics and Catholics who had become distanced from the Church. 

Pope John Paul II also coined the term 'New Evangelization', which is core to our mission here at CatholicTV. The New Evangelization comprises all those efforts to proclaim the Gospel anew to those who have already heard it. Like Pope John Paul II, we hope to not just proclaim the Gospel, but to always make the Gospel attractive to those who may have had it inadequately or in accurately proclaimed to them the first time. With state of the art technology and a dedicated, talented team, we're able to make robust, dynamic TV that delights and nourishes the viewer. We strive to always share the Truth with visual excellence and compelling content.

Will you pray with St John Paul II and us?

John Paul II, you taught us that
effective evangelization requires
meaningful engagement of the culture.
You also taught us by example
to harness the reach of the media
to share the Good News.
We ask you to pray for us.
Pray that we might each
be given the grace to 
use our abilities to spread the Gospel
and meaningfully engage the culture.
Pray for the mission of CatholicTV,
that it might bring the Gospel to all.

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(Originally published 3/12/2015)


Pray with... St John Paul II