Pray with... St Francis de Sales

St Francis de Sales Prayer

Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.
-Saint Francis de Sales


Saint Francis de Sales was a 17th century Capuchin who used the media of his time to thoughtfully provide alternatives to growing Protestant thought. He sought to engage Protestants in a compelling way to convert them, rather than taking part in more hostile approaches in the counter Reformation. He's the patron of writers and journalists, and World Communications Day in the Catholic Church is held on his feast day.

Saint Francis's careful use of media should be a guide for all of us who work to spread the Gospel message through the media. We serve Jesus Christ so much better when we witness to him in gentleness, thoughtfulness and humility. St Francis could have used the media to attack, but instead he used it to attract

Will you pray with us and St Francis for all who communicate the Gospel?

St Francis de Sales,
you are a skilled communicator
and faithful Christian.
Pray for each of us,
that we may share the truth in love
propose, but not impose,
and inspire the world by our loving gentleness.

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(Originally published 3/13/2015)



Pray with... St Francis de Sales