March for Life 2018: Can Love Really Save Lives?

A child holds a sign reading "I am the pro-life generation"

This year, the March for Life has chosen a theme that is all at once simple, challenging, and thought-provoking: “Love Saves Lives.” As a human family, we all understand the concept of love, and it is simple to make the connection between love and the dignity of life. However, the theme challenges us to do more than just make that connection—it asks us to truly live out that love in a way that makes a tangible difference. We cannot just love our brothers and sisters theoretically or when it is easy. We must love even when—especially when—human realities get messy.

What does this look like? What does it really mean for love to save lives?

One of the clearest examples gets to the heart of one of the March for Life’s priorities: the elimination of abortion. So many women in the United States today who discover that they are pregnant face the choice of giving birth or aborting their baby. Some of these women do not have the resources to raise their child. Others face pressure from their family and friends to get an abortion. It can seem like an attractive option to abort a baby instead of giving birth. But many women make the loving choice to give birth. Despite innumerable hardships, they put their baby’s life first and consent to participate in giving the gift of life. Maternal love for babies in the womb is life-saving and life-giving. In return, mothers and babies deserve the love and support of their communities and broader society.

But love can do even more than save the lives of the unborn. By its very nature, love transforms hearts. It is in that transformation that lasting change for our society is found. A commonly held belief among pro-life activists is that no one wants to get an abortion—an abortion is a tragedy. This means that love and respect for human dignity are already values we all instinctively share. The goal, then, is to bring this love to life. If love were at the forefront of our minds as a society, then abortion would be unthinkable. It is up to us as Christians to help transform hearts by being witnesses of God’s immense mercy and eternal love. This love, the love of God, will truly save lives.

We pray for all those marching in this year’s March for Life and for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to guide our nation to life.


March for Life 2018: Can Love Really Save Lives?