Loving God and Family

Jay's grandmother holds Jay's infant daughter, Amelia

My grandmother was a wonderful woman. She was very kind to me and always treated me with love and sensitivity. As a child, I would stay down the Cape with her and my grandfather, and I always looked forward to those visits. They were filled with fun and laughter. All of her grandchildren called her “Mom.” It was a bit different, but it fit her perfectly.

Mom was always affirming and gentle. She was the kind of person that you felt comfortable with and was a joy just to sit and talk with at her home. During my breaks from college, I would often visit Mom, and we would just talk and enjoy each other’s company.

When my grandfather passed away, I drove home from college and went directly to their house. I walked in the door, a bit shaken and upset, and she greeted me with a smile and a long hug. As she hugged me, she whispered in my ear, “He loved you so much.” I still can hear those words today as if Mom were right beside me.

Faith was front and center in my grandparents’ life. Mom prayed the rosary with her beeswax candles and Mass was never missed. They were an example of how faith is an important part of a family.

After I got married, Mom continued to be in our lives in a special and important way. She loved my wife Shirley and welcomed her into her heart. When my daughter Amelia was born, she treated her like a princess.

One day, I received a call that Mom had a mild stroke. I visited her in the hospital and continued as she was moved to a rehab. She seemed to be recovering fine. During a visit with my mother, she said, “Karen, I have nothing to worry about, I have lived a good life.” Unexpectedly, she died later that evening. It was her last gift to the family. She was not afraid to die, and how comforting those final words are even today. She lived her life and died loving God and family. She is loved and missed!


Loving God and Family