Love One Another

by Jay Fadden

Leaves over the word "love" written repeatedly

My hope is that your summer has been fun and cool!

I have a very basic theory that almost everything we do is ultimately to be loved. Whether it be achieving goals or doing something kind, it is for a reason deeper than just being recognized or noticed—we do it to love and be loved. There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, greater than love. It changes lives and gives people the strength to move forward in difficult times. Love is the answer to almost any question that we can pose. Our problem is that we do not always recognize its presence. We are blinded by ambition, greed, and even depression. My parents loved me with all their hearts, but there were times I did not understand or did not want to accept that love due to pride and ego.

Please open yourself up to love and the beauty it brings into your life. Open your hearts and mind to the possibilities that love presents. Love others and accept them for who they are and not what they offer. Love deeply and freely, even though it may not be reciprocated. Love cannot be sold or bartered. It is given freely with no expectations. Reach out to each other in love and kindness and make the world better. With love, there are no wrong answers. In Jesus, we have the greatest example of love: a love for all people, no matter who they are or their position in life.

Love is the answer. Be a positive influence in today's world and love one another.


Love One Another