Life is Like the Weather

Last weekend the weather was crazy. It was cool and then got extremely hot followed by heavy rain and strong winds. I sat in my bedroom and watched as the trees swayed back and forth in the wind. I am like my father in that I love storms.

As I watched the weather outside it struck me; our lives are like days in the year. There are moments in a day that we can equate to our lives. Sometimes there are clouds and it is a bit dreary. There are moments of beautiful sunshine when everything is right in the world. Storms can roll in unexpectedly which can cause great upheaval in our lives. There is the still of the morning when everything is quiet and we can reflect. There is the evening when it is dark and we need light to guide our way. The temperature can be very cold or very hot and it can cause discomfort.

So you may ask yourself, how is our life like the weather? It is because it is not predictable and always changing. The one thing we need to remember is that if it is raining all day then there will always be tomorrow and the sun will shine on us. We need to be strong during the storms, enjoy the sunshine, embrace the quiet of the morning and dusk, and shine a light in the darkness.

Thank you for reading my random thoughts and may the sun shine on you today!


Life is Like the Weather