Hungry ; Not Desperate | Media Monday

Over the past 5-8 years a good number of family and faith based entertainment resources have been made available. I admit that I may have more access and awareness because of my role at CatholicTV, but all over there is a heightened appreciation for the revenue that Christian and family friendly media can generate. Christians seem to be a hungry audience!

We are hungry, but not desperate.

It's been great to have a variety of options made available in the public square, but Christians still have discerning tastes. Just because a producer tosses in a cross or Scripture spouting do-gooder doesn’t automatically make a film good or deserving of our dollars at the box office. I really enjoyed the lively debate and insights on the “rock people” of Noah. The reviews were focused on the technical and artistic aspects of the film and not (as is so often the case) about doctrine, version of the bible used, accuracy, etc. 

We want the films, plays and shows to be well-made AND reflect our lives as Christians. We also want them to be accurate. We want the books we read for entertainment to be well-written and engaging. There is no need for us to accept second-rate entertainment; talented and capable writers, producers, actors and directors are out there. We should continue to support and appreciate the skills of these talented people when they are demonstrated, but when the product is less-than we need to deftly articulate our dissatisfaction and critique it honestly. Speak the truth but speak it so that it can be received.

I am excited for the future of media that we as Christians can relate to and enjoy. The recent theatrical releases of Mom’s Night Out, Mighty Macs, Son of God, Fireproof and other fun and educational movies is a sure sign of more to come. Naturally I am partial to what airs on CatholicTV, but shows like 7th Heaven and Everybody Love Raymond, which enjoy ongoing syndication on secular networks, send the important message that Christians want well-produced and uplifting media. We deserve to enjoy faith and values-based media that warrants our attention.




Hungry ; Not Desperate | Media Monday