Ethan 10 Years Later

by Jay Fadden

James, Amelia, and Ethan Fadden

Hi everyone! Below, you will find an article I wrote ten years ago. I would appreciate if you could read it, and then I would like to bring you up to date and reflect on it. I hope you enjoy reading.

Today I would like to tell you about my son Ethan. He is two years old with crystal blue eyes and blond curly hair. He is always smiling and is in constant motion. His sister Amelia and brother James treat him like a king. While Ethan is a joy he is also my shadow. He is a big time Daddy’s boy. Everywhere I go he is sure to follow. If I lie down he climbs up on the bed and crawls under the blankets. If I watch television he sits beside me snuggled under my arm with his head resting against me. It does not matter what I am watching he just sits there next to me. If I get up he will put his feet on mine so as I walk I am carrying him. He is like a third leg! I love Ethan but there is no where to hide. No matter where I go he follows. It can get very challenging after a long day of work and yet I have to admit that I enjoy every moment of it. So many people have told me how quickly time passes and my children will grow up before I know it. That has happened with Amelia who will be nine and James who will be seven. Instead of complaining about Ethan following me everywhere I have decided to cherish the time. How fortunate I am to have a child who loves me so much. It is an example of how God loves us completely. He walks beside us in good times and challenging times and only wants to be part of our life. God only waits for us to welcome him into our lives. Don’t hold back, allow God to be your shadow and enjoy the company.

A lot has happened since I wrote that article ten years ago. Amelia is 18, graduated high school, and is now a freshman in college. James is 16, a junior in high school and is about to get his license. Time has certainly gone by quickly, and it seems to speed up even more as I age. There have been fun times and sad times, but as a family, we are blessed.

It is amazing to think that while I continue to work at the same place, so much has changed. It seems everything has changed except Ethan. To my amazement, he is still my shadow. Anywhere I go, he wants to be with me, whether it be a trip to the store or just a walk. When I lay in bed to watch television, he is right next to me.

There have been moments when I am amazed at how much has changed with Ethan and how much is still the same. He is no longer a baby. He is in the sixth grade and is getting tall. He loves sports and school and has a nice group of friends. He will tell anyone who asks how much he misses Amelia since she has left for college, but always with a smile on his face. He is fun and kind and everything you would want in a son. But the question that I keep asking is, where did those ten years go? I have cherished the time with all of my children, and now one has left for school, James will be going to college in less than 2 years, and then it will be Shirley, Ethan, and me. That reality will be in an instant. I wonder, what will it be like? Where will the children be? How will everything have changed?

I look back fondly on the past and I look forward with great excitement for their futures. Ethan may not be my shadow ten years from now, but he will certainly be my son. Have a great day.


Ethan 10 Years Later