Tens of thousands of feet marching up Constitution Avenue. Tens of thousands of heartbeats inside bundled up bodies. Tens of thousands of voices crying out that life is precious. Every time I attend the March for Life, I'm overwhelmed by the sheer number of people--regardless of age, race, political affiliation, or creed--who show up to proclaim the pro-life message. Here are just a few of the powerful witnesses at this year's March:

"My life is worth more than a Golden Globe"

A woman prays beside a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Lord Jesus,
We ask you to bless and protect all those whose lives are at risk,
Especially the most vulnerable.

Catholic Classroom: Why do fetuses deserve legal protection?
Question: Why do fetuses deserve legal protection?

A sign reaidng "Help her be brave"

1. "Love them both"


A pregnant woman
by Jay Fadden

What do we believe about respect for life?
Question: What does the Church teach about respecting life?


Abortion is one of the most contentious issues in politics today. Opinions often (but not always) run along party lines, and groups outside of political parties have stated opinions on the issue. The Church, in defense of the dignity of human life, has long declared its stance firmly against abortion. On the opposing side, what is perceived as the feminist platform is in favor of legal abortion.

It's scientific

Nope, Natural Family Planning isn't just the "rhythm method". It's not based on guess work that assumes all women's cycles are the same. Depending on which method you use (Base Body Temp method, Ovulation method, Sympto-Thermal method) NFP is based on some combination of charting body temperatures and cervical mucus. It's a system based on measurements and data tracking.