by Jay Fadden

There are a few phrases that have stuck with me like gum on a shoe from my early childhood. When I was in the 4th grade, I would often look at the clock because I wanted the class to end. I was a very active child, and school did not fit into my idea of fun. So I would look at the clock, counting the seconds till class ended. I would do this repeatedly and thus not pay any attention to what was being taught.

Silhouette of a father and son in the sunset
by Jay Fadden

by Jay Fadden

Many years ago, I used to play pickup basketball with a group of people I had met over the years. We would get together every Friday during lunch break and play at a local YMCA. The players were of all different talent levels, different ages, and from various backgrounds. I always looked forward to playing not only for the game, but also because of the relationships I had formed with the other players.

Sheet music
by Jay Fadden

Clocks showing time passing
by Jay Fadden
by Jay Fadden

 Due to travel, I was not able to write my normal blog. However, I thought you might enjoy this blast from the past!

Three children playing basketball
by Jay Fadden  
Black and white photo of a family sitting on the porch of their home. Text: by Jay Fadden

Last weekend, I was walking through a neighborhood and noticed a number of people outside working on their yards. They were preparing for spring and doing cleanup. I continued to walk and would occasionally wave to the people. I then noticed their homes, and it made me begin to think a bit about ownership.