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I have the bad habit of procrastinating. Why do something today when you can put it off until tomorrow? Like many, I would always say I would do something later or tomorrow. Well, tomorrow would turn into two days later, then a week, until what I was going to do slipped my mind completely and it was forgotten.

Black and white photo of a family sitting on the porch of their home. Text: by Jay Fadden

Last weekend, I was walking through a neighborhood and noticed a number of people outside working on their yards. They were preparing for spring and doing cleanup. I continued to walk and would occasionally wave to the people. I then noticed their homes, and it made me begin to think a bit about ownership.

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This is part 3 of a three-part series.

Two boys and their father look at a lake. Text: by Jay Fadden

So a quick recap in case you did not read last week’s blog. We discovered that Shirley was pregnant, and after the initial shock, Shirley settled in and prepared for our new child. I melted like ice cream on a hot summer day!

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Eight years ago, Shirley and I decided to take the kids to a water park at the last minute. It was spring break and we were looking for something to do, so we thought it would be nice to surprise Amelia, James, and Ethan. We were having a great time, but realized we forgot a couple items, so we packed up the kids and made our way to the local mall.

A group of children playing with buckets outside
by Jay Fadden

There is a saying that I am sure you have heard: Treat others how you want to be treated. It makes a lot of sense. I have used this expression many times and have tried to use it to model how I deal with people.

Two people walk down a snow-covered street during a snowstorm
by Jay Fadden

I have always said that I consider spring to begin on March 1st. I do not wait until the 21st of the month. When the first day of March is here, so is the spring, as far as I am concerned.