Question: Who are all the women named Mary in the Gospels?

In addition to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, the Gospels mention a few other women named Mary. We’ve created a list to help you understand who all these women were!

Bishop Reed distributes ashes on Ash Wednesday
Question: Why do we put ashes on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday?

If you are Catholic, then you are probably accustomed to the practice of going to Mass and getting ashes put on your forehead on Ash Wednesday. But why ashes? What do they mean?

Catholic Classroom: Why do churches face east?
Question: Why do churches face east?

The next time you go to church, bring a compass with you. Chances are you will find that the church is built facing the east. This is no coincidence. Though it has not been possible on every occasion, many Catholic churches have been built to face the east.

Question: What do we do at Mass?

two saints
Question: Do Catholics worship the saints?
Question: What is the season of Advent, and why do we celebrate it?

Catholic Classroom: What is the significance of the Paschal candle?
Question: What is the significance of the Paschal candle?

What is the Order of Saint Benedict?
Question: What is the Order of St. Benedict?