A black cat. text: by Erin Butler

It’s Friday the 13th—a day that strikes genuine fear into the hearts of many people who consider themselves otherwise rational. But if you run into a Catholic who is faithfully following the teachings of the Church, you won’t find them in distress today. That’s because Catholics have found something that far surpasses any superstitious belief: the truth of the Gospel.

What is the Order of Saint Benedict?
Question: What is the Order of St. Benedict?

Catholic Classroom: Why do churches face east?
Question: Why do churches face east?

The next time you go to church, bring a compass with you. Chances are you will find that the church is built facing the east. This is no coincidence. Though it has not been possible on every occasion, many Catholic churches have been built to face the east.

Catholic Classroom: What is Opus Dei?
Question: What is Opus Dei?

On June 26th, the Church celebrates the Memorial of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, a faithful Spanish priest who founded Opus Dei in 1928.


Easter is over, summer has begun, and life feels as though it’s slowed down a bit. We’re a few weeks into Ordinary Time and we’re faced with a long stretch between now and Advent. But this Ordinary Time is not just an interlude. 

The first reading from last Friday’s Mass struck me, and prompted me to think about Ordinary Time in a new way:

Sun shining through rain-splattered window

Last weekend the weather was crazy. It was cool and then got extremely hot followed by heavy rain and strong winds. I sat in my bedroom and watched as the trees swayed back and forth in the wind. I am like my father in that I love storms.