Catholic Classroom: What is unique about Catholic schools?
Question: What is unique about a Catholic education?

Saint Paul writing

Today, we celebrate the feast of Saints Timothy and Titus, two bishops of the early Church who worked closely with St. Paul. Often, Paul is described as the spiritual father of Timothy and Titus. He guided them in their missions forming the early Church and profoundly influenced their own faith lives. Thanks to the collaboration of Paul, Timothy, and Titus, the early Church had a strong foundation in the geographical areas they evangelized.

Catholic Classroom: Why do fetuses deserve legal protection?
Question: Why do fetuses deserve legal protection?

A sign reaidng "Help her be brave"

1. "Love them both"


An empty chair alone in a room
by Jay Fadden

I have often written about loneliness over the years. I once had a conversation with my good friend, Father Frank McFarland, and he told me of all the letters he had received from people talking about being lonely. They talked about how hurt they were and spoke of a pain that was difficult to alleviate. I thought about that conversation a great deal, and that is why I began to write about the subject.

Catholic Classroom: What can Catholics learn from Dr. King?
Question: What lessons can Catholics learn from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Paper and pen beside a phone
by Jay Fadden

When I was a young boy, I always enjoyed going to visit my grandmother. She was such a joy to be around. All of the grandchildren called her “Mom,” and she would greet us with a big smile and hug and always made us feel special.