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by Jay Fadden
Question: What do we do at Mass?

James, Amelia, and Ethan Fadden
by Jay Fadden

Hi everyone! Below, you will find an article I wrote ten years ago. I would appreciate if you could read it, and then I would like to bring you up to date and reflect on it. I hope you enjoy reading.

Crucifix in the CatholicTV Chapel
Question: Why do I have to go to Mass every Sunday?

Question: Why do Catholics make the sign of the cross?

Making the sign of the cross is very familiar to Catholics. It is one of the first things we learn about the faith. But what does it really mean to make the sign of the cross? Where does this practice come from?


As we head into the fall, we are also heading into an important time for sports: the beginning of the football, basketball, and hockey seasons, and the end of the baseball season. This is a favorite time of year for sports fans and athletes alike.