Seventh Word | Seven Last Words of Christ

Luke 23:46

The seventh word is from Luke 23:46: Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.

Again, Jesus is talking directly to His Father. His use of the word “Father” is reminiscent of my reflection on the first word, so if you forgot what I said, just reread the first word.

As I read, “into your hands I commend my spirit,” the word that immediately comes to mind is trust. It is with perfect trust and love that Jesus gave up his life and trusted His Father. It was as if He were saying, “Here I am, Father, I trust You completely.” I am not sure that I have that type of trust. That type of trust is total and a letting go of self. It can be difficult to let go and trust others when for many of us that can lead to hurt, loneliness, and pain. We do not want to open ourselves up to being let down or being hurt. It is easier to stay in our shells and protect ourselves from feeling.

Do we trust each other? Most times when we trust someone, it means we love them and believe that they love us. To trust is to open ourselves up, and many do not want to take that risk. But what do we miss if we do not trust? What doors do we close if we never allow one to be open? There is no guarantee that the trust we give will be rewarded, but a closed heart is a lonely heart. Open your heart to God and to others. Open your heart to love and trust in God’s goodness. Take a chance!


Seventh Word | Seven Last Words of Christ