Sixth Word | Seven Last Words of Christ

John 19:30

The sixth word is from John 19:30: It is finished.

Many of you might wish my reflection was finished, as I have gone on much too long, but I appreciate you bearing with me a bit longer. Let us focus on two words in our reflection. First, we will look at “finished,” which could mean accomplished, complete, consummated, done, paid in full. The second word I want to explore is “it,” because that is the word that resonates with me. I am going to reflect on “it” and associate it with Jesus’s mission on earth. With His sacrifice, He had finished his work. He had finished “it.” As a side note, remember that Jesus had two natures, both human and divine.

What is your mission? What are you willing to sacrifice to finish your mission? Is your mission to be a good father or mother, husband or wife, son or daughter, friend or humanitarian? To what extent would you go to achieve those noble goals? Who are you? Is there a line that you will not cross? Are you willing to be hurt and humbled to help others? Where do you fit in the world and how do you make it better? Are you doing enough? All of these are tough questions that can only be answered through honesty and self-reflection by each of you individually. I humbly ask that you do me a favor. Take a moment and read the questions I pose again and, in quiet meditation, answer them for you. “It is finished.”


Sixth Word | Seven Last Words of Christ