Fifth Word | Seven Last Words of Christ

John 19:28

The fifth word is from John 19:28: I thirst.

Two simple words, “I thirst.” In my house that would be followed by, “then go get a drink of water.” However, I am reflecting on this utterance a different way. What do we thirst for in life? I truly believe that it really comes down to the fact that we all want to be loved. That can manifest itself in many different ways: the overachiever who wants their achievements to be recognized and exalted. They are being “loved” for what they are doing in their work. Or the athlete who wants to be loved and adored by the fans, or the musician who wants the crowd to cheer. The quiet person who just wants to be noticed, or the loud person who wants the same, but both go about it in a different way. We all thirst to be loved. We all want someone to think we are special, that we matter in this challenging world that we live in today. We want people to notice us and accept us, to love us.

The best way to quench that thirst is to first love ourselves and then love those around us. We should not thirst for power or fame—that is not love, but lust. Thirst is deeper and more powerful. It is more fulfilling. It is a longing and aching for something more. It is a reaching out and accepting of oneself and others. Thirst can only be quenched by accepting love as easily as you are willing to give it to someone. Open yourself up to love and to loving others as God loves us.


Fifth Word | Seven Last Words of Christ