5 Unique Places to Pray the Rosary

Rosary beads

The Rosary is a powerful prayer that invites us to meditate on the mysteries of our faith. Reciting this prayer earnestly and often is a popular devotion among the faithful. Our Lady herself has reminded us to pray the Rosary frequently: Our Lady of Fatima told Sister Lucia de Jesus dos Santos, “Continue to pray the Rosary every day.”

October, which is the Month of the Rosary, is a wonderful time to renew your devotion to the Rosary and try new approaches to a familiar prayer. You can pray with us every day on CatholicTV. For a different approach, you can also try praying the Rosary somewhere new. Here are 5 unique places to pray:

1. In a gardenGarden Rosary

Gardens, especially those maintained by churches and religious, are beautiful examples of humankind interacting with God’s creation to sow beauty. Give glory to God by praying the Rosary in a garden. You can join Monsignor Frank McFarland virtually in praying the Glorious Mysteries from the peaceful garden at the Carmelite Monastery in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Church Rosary2. In church

Perhaps you are accustomed to praying the Rosary at home as part of your daily routine. This month, try praying at church. A new location for praying the Rosary, even a place like church that is familiar to you, can give you a new perspective for meditation. Taking the time to go to church and pray in God’s house can help you to center and focus your prayer. Join us online to pray the Sorrowful Mysteries from Mission Church, Boston’s Basilica, with Bishop Robert Reed.

3. In a park or nature reservePlants at Blue Hills Reservation

Going to a park or nature reserve gives you a quiet environment for contemplation while putting you directly in the midst of God’s creation. Try going for a Rosary walk in a nature reserve. It will help you to engage more of your senses as you contemplate the Mysteries. If you cannot make it outside, pray the Joyful Mysteries with Bishop Reed from the Blue Hills Reservation.

Seaside Rosary4. By the sea

We might think of the beach as just a place for revelry. In truth, however, beaches give us access to more of God’s beautiful creation. The next time you go to the beach, set aside some time for the Rosary. As you pray, you can look at the sea and listen to the waves to help you meditate, while remembering the words of the hymn: “There’s a wideness in God’s mercy, like the wideness of the sea.” Join Monsignor Frank McFarland in praying the Glorious Mysteries from the beach at the Sisters of Saint Joseph Retreat House in Cohasset, Massachusetts.

5. Anywhere, with friendsRosary with Friends

The Rosary is a prayer that you do not have to say alone. Get together with your friends or family, or even a group from your church you may not know yet; as Jesus tells us, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20). Praying with others is a great way to strengthen your relationships with those who are close to you or to build a relationship with someone new, all while glorifying God. In this spirit, Archbishop Robert Carlson prays the Luminous Mysteries with seminarians from Kendrick-Glennon Seminary.


5 Unique Places to Pray the Rosary