10 Reasons to Say "Alleluia!"

A woman stands with her arms open in the sunrise. Text: by Erin Butler

If you have been to Mass or prayed the Liturgy of the Hours during the Easter season, you have probably noticed an abundance of proclamations of “Alleluia!” This is no coincidence. When we say “Alleluia,” we are proclaiming our praise to God. During Lent, we refrained from using this word, as it was a somber time of repentance. But during Easter, when we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and victory over death, we cannot help but sing God’s glory with the repeated shouts of praise.

Keep in mind that Jesus’ victory is everlasting. It continues to this very day, and he is always giving us new reasons to say, “Alleluia!” Here are 10 stories from our modern world that will remind you to say “Alleluia” this Easter season.

  1. When he was on the brink of suicide, this man attended a youth group, turned his life around, and became a priest.
  2. The United States Senate recently changed their rules so that mothers can bring their infants into the Senate chambers.
  3. These nuns have the blessing of serving the Lord in both prayer and work, and their work involves caring for sheep and a llama named Pepito.
  4. 13 truck drivers created a “trucker wall” in Detroit to stop a man from committing suicide.
  5. This man has dedicated his life to fostering and caring for children who have terminal illnesses.
  6. For 40 years, this woman only cared about wealth and social status. Then, she let God into her heart, and everything changed—and now she is a saint.
  7. When this teen found out that his mother had not gone to her high school prom, he brought her to his.
  8. Doctors told a family we met at the March for Life to abort their son, who had Down syndrome. They refused. You can see him with his family in this video.
  9. Right before doctors were going to turn off life support for this toddler suffering from cancer, he began a miraculous recovery. Today, he is cancer-free.
  10. These two friends wanted to travel the Camino de Santiago (or Way of St. James), but one of them was confined to a wheelchair. His friend’s solution: to push him the whole way so they could complete the pilgrimage together.

There are so many reasons to say “Alleluia,” and God is always giving us more. Share yours in the comments!


10 Reasons to Say "Alleluia!"